Meeting on June 9, 2001

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The meeting was held at Opelousas General Hospital at 10:00 am. Our guest speaker Mr. Rhyn L. Duplechain, Assessor for the St. Landry Parish was greeted by Etha Amling, the vice-president, since the president Estelle Perrault couldn't be at the meeting. Mr. Duplechain gave us a very interesting overview of the work of his office and how it relates to our genealogical research. He brought several old maps of Opelousas and some new maps showing the technology now used to display the land and who owns what property. It was exciting to see how a grid of a map can be overlaid on an aerial photo. He invited the members to visit his office for all questions regarding real estate properties. Office hours are from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. We thank Mr. Duplechain for his lively and entertaining presentation. 

After the presentation Mr. Duplechain answered several questions from the audience and then the assembly broke up into several smaller groups. The meeting ended at about 12:30 pm.