Meeting on January 12, 2002

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 President Estelle Perrault called the meeting to order at 10:00 A.M.  She reported that Charles Guilbeau, president of the St. Pierre Genealogical Society of Carencro, has proposed that he would like to produce a CD, with our Society’s help, which would present Acadian history.  Mr. Guilbeau has previously produced music CD’s, and offers his expertise in this joint effort, which would include music and a documentary or narrative.  He would allow 1/3 of the proceeds toward cost of production, and the remaining 2/3 would be divided equally between the St. Pierre and the St. Landry Genealogy Societies.  Miss Perrault asked members to think about appropriate material for this production so they can make suggestions when Mr. Guilbeau addresses our Society at a later date. 

Miss Perrault reported that her brother, Mason Perrault, is recovering from a serious illness following surgery in November.  She thanked Society members for their concern and prayers.       

Rosalyn L. Soileau, spokesperson for the nominating committee, which included Jo Ann Duncan, Wyolene Orihuela, and Eloise St. Cyr, then submitted their list of nominees for officers for the year 2002.  The following names were read: 

     President:                             Estelle Perrault

     Vice-President:                    Etha Amling

     Treasurer:                            Joanne Savoie

     Recording Secretary:          Sylvia Morel

     Corresponding Secretary:  Edaise Hawkins

     Board of Directors

     3-year Director:                    Agatha Bush

President Estelle Perrault called for nominations from the floor, and there were none.  Eloise St. Cyr called for a motion to accept the slate of officers, as nominated. Jim Higginbotham seconded the motion, and all were accepted unanimously.

 It was stated that the St. Landry Genealogical Society was organized in November, 1992, and has been in continuous operation since 1993.  Publication of the Society Journal, N’OUBLIEZ PAS, was interrupted, due to the illness and subsequent death of our editor, Susan Douget.  However, every effort is being made to resume publication on a regular basis.

 Miss Perrault announced that Glenda Schoeffler, who has proposed a museum which would present the historical and genealogical significance of cattle brands, will be the guest speaker at our meeting on March 9.  Meetings, from February through November, 2002, will be held in the third floor auditorium of the Opelousas General Hospital.

Society member, Pat FaKouri, a resident of Baton Rouge, is a member of CAJUN CLICKERS, a computer support group.  She pointed out that free share ware is available.

 Jim Higginbotham reported that a $25,000 check has been presented to the City of Opelousas, by the State of Louisiana, as part of the Atchafalaya Basin Project. The project will be initiated within nine months, and Mr. Higginbotham stressed the importance of presenting a formal proposal to the State Commission as quickly as possible.  All Opelousas groups should work together on the development of this proposal, presenting a united effort, which would enhance our chance of receiving more funding by the State.  The proposed Heritage Center, to be located within “Le Vieux Village”, would house a genealogy research library, as well as a tourist welcome center.  Mr. Higginbotham has attended meetings concerning this project, and he urged our Society to meet with him to present our ideas.

 Juergen Amling, Imperial St. Landry Genealogical and Historical Society member, and our web master, was then introduced.  On screen, he showed our Society web site and then pointed out the links which he has set up.  He then set up a sample “free” web site, by going to and following the step by step instructions.  He warned members about the many phony virus scares and warnings which are being circulated, and he suggested that is a reliable web site which lists the virus warnings.  He stated that it is imperative that you constantly UPDATE your anti-virus program.  He urged everyone not to open any attachments with e-mail messages, UNLESS the message comes directly from a well known sender.

Attachments ending with extension “exe”, “bat”, “pif”, etc. should NEVER BE OPENED.

Mr. Amling will continue with helpful computer hints at the February 9th meeting. Members were asked to make a list of computer related questions to be answered at that time.  He was asked to include instructions to “cut and paste” when one needs to include additional information with an e-mail message.  Members were also asked to compile a list of their favorite web sites. 

Society owned CD’s for research will be available at the next meeting.

 Meeting adjourned at 12:00 NOON.

 Submitted by

 Sylvia David Morel

Recording Secretary