Meeting on February 9, 2002

Here is Sylvia Morel's report from our February meeting. Unfortunately I was unable to take any pictures (actually I was talking too much at that meeting so that I totally forgot to get the camera out).

February 9, 2002, MEETING OF THE IMPERIAL ST. LANDRY GENEALOGICAL AND HISTORICAL SOCIETY, held at 10:00 AM, in the third floor auditorium of the Opelousas General Hospital.

 Estelle Perrault, President, called the meeting to order.  She introduced Charles “Charlo” Guilbeau, President of the St. Pierre Genealogical Society of Carencro.  Mr. Guilbeau briefly spoke about his introduction to genealogy, which occurred about five years ago.  When he spent time with his dying grandfather, he was told of relatives who belonged to past generations.  In Mr. Guilbeau’s words, he became obsessed with finding out more about his family’s history.

 Mr. Guilbeau then presented his idea to produce a CD, which would give an accurate portrayal of the people of South Louisiana.  He asked society members to make a list of suggestions about content of the CD.  Mr. Guilbeau plans to attend the society’s meeting in March, at which there will be further discussion.  Miss Perrault appointed a committee to work on suggestions for the narrative to be included in the CD.  The committee members are:

   David Lanclos

   Sylvia Morel

   Wyolene Orihuela

     Etha Amling

     Joan Nacoste.

 Juergen Amling, Web Master for the society, asked members for help in obtaining correct e-mail addresses for the following members:

      Eldridge Miller

     Joe Miller

     Evelyn Bertrand

     Winston Deville

     Erin Douget

     Milton Guilbeau

 Mr. Amling offered suggestions to maximize the use of the computer.  A short cut to “copy “ when “highlighting” existing text which is to be included in an e-mail message, is to press the “control” key and the “c” key.  This eliminates going to “file”, which pulls up “copy”, and then pointing the cursor to “copy”.

He said that “control” and “v” key can be used to “paste”.

 Another tip he offered is:  when forwarding a message (in AOL) that you received from someone else, and you do not wish to include the whole message, you can highlight only the part that you wish to forward and then click "Forward" and  write your own personal message, if desired, and “send” the completed version and it will include only the highlighted part instead of the whole original message.

 He talked about the various formats used in storing information, especially pictures.  He recommended storing those files in “jpg” file, because this compresses well to a very small size, using very little “storage” space in the hard drive.

 Comparison of the features offered in various genealogy software was then presented, and Mr. Amling pointed out that all available programs have both desirable and undesirable characteristics.  It is up to the individual user to decide which program is better suited to his needs. 

A very useful program, called “Family Tree Super Tools”, takes data from other genealogy files, and will provide specific information charts or reports on individuals.  It is not part of “Family Tree Maker” (in fact it has nothing to do with "Family Tree Maker" but is put out by , the publisher of "The Master Genealogist" program), and will only produce reports based on information transported from genealogy files.

Miss Perrault asked Juergen to speak with Robert Wolfe, local engineer, who has a printer which is capable of printing oversized charts.  She suggested that the society might be able to acquire a used printer, which could be used to print large family charts.

 Deni Taylor won the door prize, which was a canvas tote bag. 

Glenda Schoeffler, who, with her father, is planning a museum which would portray the historical and cultural significance of Louisiana cattle brands, will be the speaker at the next meeting, on Saturday, March 9.   

Meeting adjourned at 12:15PM.

 Submitted by

 Sylvia David Morel