Meeting on September 14, 2002

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Etha Amling, Vice President, called the meeting to order at 10:00 AM.  She stated that Society President, Estelle Perrault, had sent word that she would be unavoidably late for the meeting. Guests attending Imperial St. Landry Genealogical and Historical Society meeting for the first time were introduced as follows:  Sharon Martel, Seth Terrell, and Corinne Manning.

Mrs. Amling then spoke about finding “family connections” in unlikely places, pointing out an article in the August 26th issue of NEWSWEEK magazine.  Charles Perrault, who first published “Little Red Riding Hood” in 1697, was a French author whose story was based on the lifestyle of the  French King’s court.  The surname “Perrault” is well known in Opelousas.

It was announced that the Society is working toward presenting Gwendolyn Midlo Hall as a guest speaker in the near future.  Mrs. Hall has done extensive research on slaves who lived in Point Coupee Parish from 1719 to 1820.  The records, which show countries of origin, are now available on her website.

Juergen Amling, Society Webmaster, presented an introduction to computer genealogy research, using a computer to show list of some of the web sites, which are available.  He will post those web addresses on the Imperial St. Landry Genealogical and Historical Society’s address  By clicking on “Genealogical Sites”, one can directly link to numerous addresses.  Click here to go direct to these addresses.

Estelle Perrault, President, reminded Society members that they may borrow up to five (5) research CD’s each month.  They are asked to sign a card, listing titles of the borrowed CD’s.

If a member wishes to return CD’s before the next meeting, an attendant at the Opelousas Public Library will accept them, and they will be kept at the desk until returned to the Society.  Miss Perrault also showed four of her personal research books: (1) EVERYTHING ON LINE GENEALOGY BOOK, by Pat Richley; (2) THE COMPLETE IDIOT’S GUIDE TO ONLINE GENEALOGY, by Rhonda McClure; (3) GENEALOGICAL ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE COLONIAL AMERICAS, by Christina K. Schaefer, and (4) THE UNOFFICIAL GUIDE TO ONLINE GENEALOGY, by Pamela Rice Hahn.  

Miss Perrault stressed the importance of keeping a record of your references, including the name of the library where a particular book is referenced.  Birdie Lewis pointed out that it is also necessary to list documentation (sources, index, etc.), especially if research is to be published.  Information, which is posted on the Internet, is often not documented, in which case, it should be considered “a starting point”, and further verification of the “facts” is needed.

Mr. Amling stated that the newest version of Family Tree Maker software (Version 10.0) automatically includes some information which was previously left up to the user.  He also recommended buying a laser printer, if the user chooses to print a lot, pointing out that the ink refills are less expensive than those for ink jet printers.  However, the initial cost of the laser printer is more. 

Miss Perrault announced that the October 12th meeting of the Society will be held in the Opelousas General Hospital third floor auditorium.  The tentative plan is that, after a brief business meeting, Society members will walk to the historic Prudhomme Home, which is located next door to the hospital.  A member of the St. Landry Preservationist Society will offer a guided tour of the house.  

Meeting adjourned at 12:00 Noon.

Submitted by:

Sylvia David Morel

Recording Secretary