October 12, 2002

The October 12, 2002 meeting of the Imperial St. Landry Genealogical and Historical Society met at the Opelousas General Hospital with Estelle Perrault presiding. 

On a motion by Eloise St. Cyr, seconded by Sue Deville, a nominating committee was chosen to nominate officers for 2003.  They Rosie Soileau, Joann Duncan, and Nelda Stelly.  Motion passed.
The speaker for the November  9th meeting has not been confirmed.  If there isn't a speaker, Estelle  would like to have a "work party" to separate books and research from the family of Edna Lee Comeaux that was donated to our organization after her death.
Birdie Lewis is trying to get a software program that we can afford to use for this project.  Either way, the meeting will be held at the Opelousas General Hospital.
Sue Deville invited the group to attend the Homecoming and Genealogy program October 20th at the Waxia Church ending with a covered dish luncheon.  Dale Hensarling, pastor of Louisiana Memorial United Methodist Church, will be the guest pastor.
Sue also stated that there are 2 new books by Susan Carmack at the Opelousas Museum.
Estelle introduced the guest speaker, James Douget, who spoke on the Michel Prudhomme home which is the oldest home in St. Landry parish still standing.  It is presently being restored by the Preservationists of St. Landry Parish.
James told the history of the home, the type of construction, and some of the things that had been done to preserve the home.  He gave out handouts the "Donation of Land to the Catholic Church", the Michel Prudhomme Home and a recipe for Sweet Potato Pie from a plantation diary.  Other members of the Preservation Society that shared a few stories of the home were Ed Dubuisson, Lucius Doucet, and Nan Mitchell.
Door prizes were awarded and after a short coffee break, Lucius Doucet led the group on a tour of the Prudhomme Home.