Here are some interesting links concerning DNA: - How Many Ancestors Do You Have?

DNA Genealogy Timeline  gives dates when term(s) first used) - The New World of DNA Genealogy  (DNA can sometimes prove disprove kinship )

DNA tackles a family’s mysteries  (Boyle DNA - good graphic)

DNA 101   (Blair Genealogy - outline, Part I)

Contexo gateway  Frequency charts/plats of some Markers)

Calculation of Time to Most Recent Common Ancestry (TMRCA)   # Markers & Chart: Generations vs. # markers)

  Mitochondria     Mitochrondia Chart

Chromosomes  2 Chromosome Charts  

Genetics & Genealogy by Thomas H Roderick PhD - Virtual Lecture    (good info on "Y" chromosomes - male to male only)

Genetics & Genealogy by Thomas H Roderick PhD - Virtual Lecture  (Good info on MTDNA mitochrondia in females)

Human Genome Project Science   (definitions - genome, etc)

Science Spectra [Article] (2-Adam, transmission of "Y" chromo)

Primer on Molecular Genetics (Department of Energy)
   (Syllabus on Molecular Genetics)

GENEALOGY-DNA-L Resource List (long list varied DNA Links)

Recommended Links  (Terrific - many related subjects included)

New Scientist  (The race for mapping the Human Genome is now complete, through cooperation of many groups ... still $$$)

Contexo gateway  (several charts indicating Allele frequencies)

Arctic Social Sciences - Arctic Studies Center (+ move to America over Bering Strait - map of groups of Siberian people)

RootsWeb: Genealogy Mailing Lists: GENEALOGY-DNA   (Extensive info)