Kids face paint

Face art or face painting is a fun activity that helps you transform into a fairytale hero at a masquerade ball or emphasize your individuality at a themed party. It is often used by animators in summer camps, children’s rooms and at public festivities.

It is important that the materials for drawing give a realistic picture, are easy to apply, do not smudge, and are safe.

Kids face paint

What colors can you paint on your face?

Not every parent is sure about the safety of bodypainting. After all, paints can contain aggressive substances that cause allergies and are hazardous to health.

Face painting

For drawing on the skin, use kids face paint, paints based on food dyes, decorative cosmetics or water-based markers.

Face painting is hypoallergenic and can be easily washed off with water. This paint is easy to apply, shaded with both brushes and sponges. Face painting is short-lived and spreads quite easily. It can stain clothes. Face painting paints are powdery (diluted with water) or in the form of pencils.

The pencils

Pencil technique is suitable for beginners, it is easy and easy to work with. For experienced artists, dry textures are ideal – they can be diluted and mixed depending on your imagination to create new shades for your masterpieces.


Decorative cosmetics for painting is not a budget option. It is not sufficiently pigmented and does not give the desired effect. Special coloring pigments, which are used in their work by experienced makeup artists, are sold only in specialized stores. Their cost is not cheap.


Food colors, when diluted correctly with glycerin or cream, are also suitable for face art. But you should carefully study the proportions of all components so that the paint does not crack when it dries and is well washed.


They are also used for painting on the face. But it is better to choose a water-based one, because they do not eat into the skin so much and are easily washed off.

Can I paint with gouache on my face?

Gouache is not a very safe material for painting on the skin. When dry, it cracks. But if you mix it with glycerin, you get a paint that fits well, is bright enough and is quickly washed off. It is not recommended to use gouache often. Before use, the skin is checked for an allergic reaction.

Can I paint with watercolors?

Watercolors, like gouache, are not safe for the skin. It fits well on the skin and lasts a long time. But the paint contains substances that tighten the epidermis and cause discomfort. If you decide to apply watercolors to your face, then try to rinse it off as soon as necessary.

Can acrylic paints be used?

It is not recommended to use acrylic paints for painting on the skin. Firstly, they are water resistant and will take a lot of effort to clean them. And secondly, they quickly freeze, which can lead to allergies and other undesirable consequences.

Kids face painter

Of course, you can use the services of animators or professional makeup artists. But if you want to be creative and play with your child. To do this, you need to collect all the materials and put them in one place so as not to look for the desired item and not be distracted from the most important.

You will need:

  • paints;
  • water;
  • art brushes or makeup brushes;
  • sponges and cotton pads;
  • napkins;
  • mirror;
  • a piece of cloth.

Additionally, you can use special sequins or rhinestones.

If there is no paint, you can prepare it yourself at home. To do this, you need to mix starch, water and baby cream to get a mixture similar to sour cream. And then you need to gradually introduce any food coloring. The intensity of the color and the desired shade will depend on its amount.

Kids face paint

Body painting ideas for kids

What can be portrayed on a child’s face? It is permissible to prepare for the event and see photos of possible images or use the tips.

Kid friendly face paint

The animal theme is especially popular with children, suitable for both boys and girls. Children’s drawings are appropriate for New Year’s costume parties or camps. They complement the costumes well and complete the look.

Drawing on the face in the form of a dog will harmonize well with a shaggy suit and a cheerful tail. Lions, tigers, foxes, bunnies, cats and mice can be drawn taking into account the facial expressions of a child’s face.

Simple scheme:

  • we emphasize the eyes, nose and mouth;
  • adjusting for the desired character.

Spring patterns

Fantasy patterns, floral motifs and cute princess faces are especially popular with girls. For example, a pattern with flowers or a branch of a blossoming tree will adorn the face of a young princess at a holiday. For the image of a fairy and a mermaid, flowers are also used at the base.


The butterfly drawing master class is the most popular. Maximum transformation is achieved by using the baby’s eyes, nose and eyebrows as image elements. Curls on the forehead will make the image realistic and the child unrecognizable. Fun lessons will help you learn the drawing quickly.

Halloween Drawings

Another category of thematic drawings (relevant for adults) is terrifying and unusual skeletons, jokers, imitation of wounds and blood. But it doesn’t have to be scary. Kids can draw a web, a pirate, stars or a witch’s face. Such designs look especially cool with the use of sequins, rhinestones or stickers.

Security measures

Precautions should be taken. Do not apply face painting to children under 3 years of age. Their skin is very thin and delicate. Never apply paints if there are irritations, minor wounds and scratches on the face. This can have undesirable consequences and exacerbate existing problems. Children are very mobile and drawing can be torture for them. To help, you can put a mirror in front of the child – observing the process will make it possible to draw without problems.

Before drawing on a child’s face, it is important to consult with him in order to choose a drawing together. If this is a fabulous or cartoon character, then it is necessary that he likes him.

Bodypainting, like any other art, requires imagination and patience. Let your child’s activity not become an obstacle to getting acquainted with feist art. A children’s party or a carnival with such drawings will allow you to embody the wildest fantasies in fabulous images.