Face drawings

Some parents confuse aquagraph with face painting. However, these are two different technologies. They make drawings with face painting for children for New Year’s holidays, birthdays and other events. The paint is used with a special safe water-based composition, therefore it does not cause allergies and does not clog into the pores on the skin. In addition, the composition is very elastic, does not crack when dry. High-quality paint should dry quickly and not stain during the face painting process. Face art for children is popular: drawings do not lose their appearance for a long time and are easily washed off with soap and water.

Before starting this procedure at home, you need to buy all the materials and tools for face painting. The price for paints and kits is reasonable. You can buy everything in an online store or supermarket, where there is a special department of goods for creativity. To do facial drawings for children and adults, you will need the following:

  • paints of different colors;
  • sponge;
  • sponge;
  • brushes made of natural material;
  • pencils or crayons.

The face painting technique is simple even for beginners. However, before you paint the face of your beloved baby, you should consider the following contraindications:

  • age up to 3 years;
  • individual intolerance;
  • scratches, injuries on the face;
  • skin diseases.

What can be drawn on the face depends on the age and gender of the child. Girls, as a rule, like images of flowers, faces of kittens or chanterelles, images of fairies, snowflakes or princesses. For boys, the makeup of a superman, a pirate, a wolf or a spider-man is more suitable. In any case, you need to take into account the wishes of the child and apply the image that he likes. It is important to take into account the age of the baby and not make an image too scary, so as not to scare your child. Before starting the procedure, it is recommended to brush the child’s face with a dry brush so that he gets used to the new sensations.

How to paint on the face of children? Below are the basic steps and rules for beginners:

  • The foundation should be applied from the hairline using a sponge or sponge. Particular attention is paid to the nasolabial folds, the area around the eyes, eyebrows.
  • Using a wide brush, treat the eyelids.
  • Eyebrows are drawn with a special pencil.
  • The drawing is applied in stages: on the cheeks, lips, chin of the child.
  • They work out the contours and small details.

Face painting for Halloween

One of the specific holidays that adults and children have been actively celebrating in recent years is Halloween. The image on this day must be special, so make-up for children that turns them into zombies, vampires, witches and ghouls will be very appropriate. However, the make-up of the baby should be different from that of the adult. The paint should be tested for allergens, and the picture itself shouldn’t be too intimidating.

Face painting for girls

It is important for little women of fashion at any age to be the most beautiful. Face drawings for girls should be chosen taking into account the event. It can be:

  • bee;
  • fish;
  • The Snow Queen;
  • kitty;
  • butterfly;
  • a fox;
  • bird;
  • a princess;

Face painting for boys

When choosing an image for a boy, you should take into account his age. If the child is small, then it is better to make up for him as a harmless cartoon character, kitten, hedgehog or other cute animal. It is recommended to ask the kid himself who he wants to be. Face drawings for school-age boys can be in the form of images of superheroes, pirates, koshchei, ninja turtles, dragons.

Face painting for the New Year

One of the most long-awaited holidays for all children is the New Year. On this occasion, face art masters are often invited to matinees, who inexpensively and quickly paint all those present in fairytale heroes or cute animals. Professionals always have a catalog with a photo with them, where you can choose an image for yourself. If parents decide to do New Year’s face painting for children on their own, then you can depict:

  • snowflakes;
  • princess;
  • fairy;
  • penguin;
  • snowman;
  • frosty pattern;
  • the snow queen.

Face painting Cat

To turn your child into a funny kitty, you need special paints, brushes, sponge, water and cotton swabs. Below is an instruction with a photo of how to draw a cat on the face:

  • A white base is applied with a sponge (between the eyebrows, chin, bridge of the nose).
  • Ears are painted with pink paint over the eyebrows.
  • Make a black outline of the ears with a thin brush.
  • Draw a nose and a mustache.
  • Add pink hairs on the cheeks and chin.

Face painting Butterfly

Beautiful butterflies are one of the most popular looks for girls of all ages. However, before you draw such a picture for a baby, you should show her photos of samples, because not all girls want such face painting. Once the model is ready, follow these instructions on how to draw a butterfly on your face:

  • Apply base with white makeup (forehead, cheekbones).
  • Draw the outline of the wings in black using a thin brush.
  • Make another outline of a brighter shade with a larger brush.
  • Add fancy patterns in vibrant colors.
  • Draw the body of a butterfly with antennae on the child’s nose.
  • Add colorful stripes on the body of the butterfly.
  • You can add sparkles if you like.

Face painting Tiger

This option is suitable for children of different ages. A tiger on your face will look spectacular at almost any holiday. To draw it, you will need orange, black and white paints, brushes of different diameters, a sponge. The steps for creating a drawing on a child’s face are described below:

  • White paint for face painting draws the nose and cheeks of the future tiger cub.
  • They depict the upper eyelid, the contours of the muzzle, and the chin.
  • An even layer of orange paint is applied to the rest of the child’s face.
  • Details are painted with black paint: mustache, stripes, nose, mouth.

Face painting spiderman

Many boys prefer this look for the holidays. Spiderman face painting must be backed up with an appropriate costume. Even inexperienced make-up artists can draw a picture on a child’s face. It is necessary to prepare red and black paint for face painting, brushes of different thicknesses, wet wipes, cotton balls. Steps how to paint a face:

  • Apply the red base on the baby’s face with a sponge.
  • Draw the outline of the glasses and the longitudinal stripes in black.
  • Draw transverse lines, emphasize details.
Face drawings

Face painting Dog

The muzzle of a cute doggie can be used to decorate a baby’s face before attending a New Year’s holiday, Halloween or other themed events. There are many options for the image of this animal. To draw a dog according to the instructions below, you will need makeup paints in brown, white, pink, black. If desired, you can add a yellow tint. How to draw a dog with face painting:

  • From the eyebrows to the cheeks of the child, the ears of the puppy are painted with white paint.
  • White spots are applied in the chin area above the lips.
  • Paint the tongue of the dog in the corner of the mouth with pink and white paint.
  • Draw out contours and small details in black.
  • If the dog is painted for a girl, then sparkles are added at will.
  • Shading face painting.

Face painting Fox

Every girl wants to be a cunning fox at least once. For such a case, you can try face painting with a matching suit. Below is a step-by-step instruction on how to paint a face to get the image of a fox:

  • A light yellow or white base is applied.
  • They draw eyebrows, arrows in front of the eyes, highlight the nose.
  • If desired, draw a mustache, but you can do without them.
  • Orange face paint is applied from the nose to the cheekbones.
  • To make the fox fur seem fluffy, apply a few strokes of yellow and white along the edges.

Face painting Pirate

This option will be a winning one at any children’s party. How to make a pirate make-up for a child:

  • Draw a red bandana with a knot and hanging tips.
  • One eye is circled, depicting a pirate blindfold.
  • They draw a mustache and a beard.
  • The bandana is decorated with white peas.

Face painting Bear

This version of face art is suitable for kids of any age. If you need to decorate the girl’s face, then the bear can be depicted with a bow. For the procedure, you will need a standard set of materials, white, brown, black paint. How the drawing of a teddy bear muzzle on the face of a child takes place is described below:

  • On the forehead, chin, near the child’s ears, draw the outline of the bear’s head.
  • Ears are depicted on the forehead.
  • The area of the mouth and nose is painted with a lighter brown paint, the rest is dark.
  • Draw the bear’s face with black paint.
  • The cheeks are emitted with light paint.

Face painting Princess

Almost any girl will be delighted with this look for a Christmas tree or other event. Especially actual face painting Princess will be for true fashionistas who adore fluffy dresses and sequins. Stages of drawing:

  • The contours of the future crown are painted on the child’s forehead with pink face paint.
  • With a sponge or sponge, paint over the crown pink.
  • Highlight the contour with black glossy paint using a thin brush.
  • Sequins depict a diamond in the center of the crown.
  • A pendant is painted with white paint between the eyebrows.
  • Long eyelashes are painted on the upper eyelid with black face paint.
  • Highlight the tops of the lips in scarlet.

Face painting lion

Another good option for making up children is the image of a lion. This option is especially suitable for boys. To create Leo face painting on your own, you need to prepare a container with water, brushes, sponge and paint in black, brown, orange, yellow. Stages of drawing:

  • The base is applied with yellow paint.
  • Draw the outline of the lion’s fur in orange.
  • White paint is used to highlight the mouth and the area around the eyes of the child.
  • Eyebrows and cat’s eyes are painted in a dark color.
  • White mustache is depicted above the lip.
  • The transitions near the eyes and mouth are shaded with brown paint.