Is face painting safe for a child

Face painting is a special paint designed for painting the body. You can buy them in specialized stores. Paints are sold individually and in sets, placed in tubes or jars of different sizes. The material is made from natural raw materials. The main advantages of face painting are as follows:

  • Liquid paints can be quickly and easily washed from clothes.
  • Wash off the face with soapy water.
  • They practically do not get dirty.

When it comes to health benefits or harms for children, it’s not all that obvious. It is assumed that face painting is a natural enough material not to cause allergic reactions. Nevertheless, some dermatologists speak out sharply negatively about such cosmetics, believing that it can provoke allergies and skin rashes.

It should be noted that such situations are the exception rather than the rule. Nevertheless, in order to exclude such problems, before allowing you to apply makeup paint on a child, it is worth considering a few basic recommendations:

Test the aqua color on a small area of  your skin. Let the child “vilify” face painting for a while, for example, on the back of the hand. If after half an hour there is no redness or other unpleasant symptoms at this place, you can start painting the face.

Consider the age of the child. It is not recommended to do face painting on the face of a baby under 3 years old.

Necessary materials

To create a beautiful and high-quality bodypainting, you will need the following materials:

  • water-based paints;
  • sponges, sponges;
  • brushes;
  • cotton pads and cotton swabs;

Advice. Water-based paints are available in pencil and paint form. It is most convenient to use the second option, since creating a beautiful drawing with a pencil is a whole art. A thick brush with a thin tip is ideal for creating face painting.

General recommendations for applying face painting

In the process of creating a face painting with your own hands, you should adhere to the following sequence:

Applying tone. It should be flat and smooth. To do this, squeeze the sponge thoroughly, rub the paint with it and begin to apply the tone on the face with smooth circular movements. The paint should be distributed evenly, do not get carried away with too long strokes – after drying, not very neat stripes may appear.

Further details and contours of the picture are drawn. A brush is used for this purpose. It is soaked in paint for a long time, while holding it in the manner of a pencil. The paint must not drip from the tool! Make-up is applied by holding the brush at a right angle.

Advice. If it is necessary to paint over the eyelid of the child, you need to ask him to look up. At this moment, the lower eyelid is drawn, followed by the upper. The folds at the corners of the eyes and on the lips should also be carefully painted over. The paint is distributed to the hairline.

Step-by-step face painting workshops for children at home

Almost all children want to be like the character of their favorite cartoon or fairy tale. There is no need to deny them this pleasure, the portfolio of the face painting should be quite diverse.

To do this, it is worth mastering face painting for children – a master class on this topic is currently not difficult to find.

You also need to stock up on various stencils depicting animals, flowers or popular cartoon characters.

You can master face painting for children with your own hands using the most popular schemes.

Face painting for boys with photo

Boys, as you know, are hot people, and therefore will give preference to courageous, and sometimes even frightening, makeup. In this case, face painting minion, spiderman, etc. will be appropriate. Also, for men of childhood and adolescence, the following drawings are suitable:

  • To create a tiger face, you should choose two primary colors. The orange tone is shaded over the entire surface of the face, with the exception of the area under the nose and under the eyebrows. These areas will be painted with white paint. The mask ends with a line drawn from the corner of the mouth to the earlobe.
  • The nose and horizontal lines on the cheeks, forehead and from the inner line of the eyes are drawn with black paint.
  • The animal’s eyelashes, whiskers and fangs are drawn, which are then dyed white.
  • The face is divided into two by a diagonal line. A white base is applied to one of the parts, the mouth and nose are painted over.
  • The contours are drawn with black paint, followed by the nose, eyes, teeth, cracks.
  • Blood stains are left in random order with red paint.
  • The contour around the eyes of the wings is drawn with black paint, painted over.
  • The nose and part of the forehead will become the hero’s torso. Above Batman’s head is a yellow semicircle of the moon.

The makeup ends with a drawing of the contour with white paint.

painting safe for a child

Girly face painting for beginners – photo gallery step by step

Bunny – step by step drawing.

The image will suit both girls and a younger boy.

With the help of a sponge, semicircles are drawn over the eyebrows with white paint. They affect the eyebrows and eyelids.

Above the lip, in the same white color, the tone is applied in the form of a “bow”, while capturing small areas of the cheeks.

In the upper part of the circles above the eyes, hairs are drawn – first white, then gray. Lines don’t have to be thick

Draw the same hairs on the cheeks.

A thin black line is drawn from the middle of the nose to the lip, the same is drawn along the contour of the upper lip.

Draw black dots on the cheeks and above the upper lip.

Draw a medium-sized white rectangle in the middle of the lower lip, circle it along the outline in black. In the middle of the rectangle, draw a thin black line to draw the teeth of the bunny.

The basis of the picture is a white cat’s face. The mask is drawn from the nostrils to the brow ridges, which will become the cat’s ears.

The baby’s eyes will become Kitty’s eyes.

The drawing ends with the drawing of a bow on the ear, a yellow nose and black antennae.

A bright background (red, yellow, pink, etc.) is applied around the eyes of the child. You need to try to shape the base into the wings of a butterfly.

The elongated body of the insect is drawn on the child’s nose, and the head is between the eyebrows.

The outline of the butterfly is outlined with black paint, the wings are emphasized with wide strokes, which can be additionally decorated with sparkles.

Advice. Before work, the master should ask the little “client” about his preferences and ideas. You do not need to draw what the child did not choose, even if, out of the best intentions, you want to replace the chosen one. Otherwise, the child will be upset and the holiday may be completely ruined. For children to see the process of creating a masterpiece, you can place a mirror in front of them.

Face painting involves the creation of various and creative patterns on the face and body. It should be noted that the services of a professional aqua make-up artist are not cheap. Children can also arrange a holiday of colors at home.

For this purpose, it is worth learning how to make face painting for beginners – drawings can be found on the Internet. Or turn to fairy tales, cartoons.